old distillery submissions

by James Mahaffey

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songwriter's roundtable submissions


released June 23, 2010



all rights reserved


James Mahaffey Texas

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Track Name: Liberty!
Yeah, that’s for me.
Gonna set me free.

So you find yourself, in a bind
And you’ld really like to, speak your mind.
Why don’t people, let me be?
What will it take, for them to see?
I’ve got the right to be free
And stand on my own two feet!

Yeah, that’s for me.
Gonna set me free.

So you’re the victim, of a crime.
They’re taking more, and more each time.
Why don’t they let me, live in peace?
Will the tyranny, ever cease?
In every time, in every place
We’ve got to stand for the human race!

Yeah, that’s for me.
Gonna set me free.

All the citizens, being equal in the eyes of the law, are equally admissible to all public dignities, places, and employments, according to their capacity and without distinction other than that of their virtues and of their talents…

Yeah, that’s for me.
Gonna set me free.
Yeah, that’s for me.
Gonna set me free.
Track Name: Cursed
Loved in life by all who knew me
Mourned in death by family
Such a long long time ago
As time passes, so legends grow

Lore and fiction guide destiny
Look what wicked fear has done to me!
Sailor’s friend, I’ll turn the tide
Sailor’s fiend, you’re high and dry

Break a leg, don’t kick the cat
Rue the day that you did that
Don’t cross me, I won’t cross you
Unless, of course, your time is due
Track Name: Party of One
On Christmas Eve
Santa Claus flies into the night
Bringing presents
To all the boys and girls delight
And I’ll be
Here, in the stables
mucking the stalls
Left all alone
It’s colder than a man should recall

I’ll dream of Suzie Snowflake,
Mistle-toe, candy canes and
Hot buttered rum
We’ll have a Christmas party
Cups of cheer and gifts for
Each and every-one
I maybe be working late while
Santa rides, elves make
Merry and Christmas comes
My dreams of Suzie Snowflake
Get me through the night shift and my
Party of one.
Track Name: Beyond
On the journey to tomorrow
Getting closer every day,
Flying high above the world we know,
Reaching for a better way,

We engage with our Endeavour
To transcend beyond today,
To advance the greater common good,
And the dreams that we convey.

I’m going beyond where I have been,
Taking a trip that never ends.
I’m going to fly beyond the sky,
Building a bridge for you and I.

One day tomorrow will be here,
A better world for us to share,
Into the stars, above the night,
Blazing a trail towards the light.

Our Discovery has delivered
Many dreams we realize,
An awareness of our universe,
And the pledge of Enterprise,

To learn from our experience,
To prepare for what’s in store.
So we move into the future,
Stepping through the open door.